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If there's one thing I learned as a kid, it's that being outside is a huge part of health! I'm a self proclaimed country kid that grew up on my grandparents farm south of Buffalo, NY. Fun fact about NY, it is the #1 state for family farms in the whole USA! Anyways, me and my three sisters were bare foot kids that ate fresh picked veggies and rode bareback on our dad's horse, Thunder. We had no rules besides to come back in when my grandma yelled from the back porch, ah the simple times. 

As we grew up we all got more and more distant from nature but I always had that drive in me to keep it as close as possible. I was an adolescent environmentalist through high school and went on to start college as a Environmental Studies Major. About halfway through college my life took a hard right and I ended up getting caught up in a bad crowd. That's where I got lost for about 10 years down a rabbit hole of bad decisions and a quick three year trip to Colorado.


Now, I'm back with a vengeance and ready to make up for the years that I spent in a influenced state, ready to get back to my roots and help others feel that deep appreciation for the Earth like I did as a kid. I've been reading, studying, experimenting and taking courses on herbal remedies for the past five years and now I want to share it with those around me!

If you are ready to feel that connection, to realize that the environment gives us everything that we truly need and make the time to incorporate it into your everyday life, I'm here for you! Lets chat and figure out if we are a good fit because I only want to work with likeminded individuals with the dedication and inspiration in their hearts.

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About Danielle

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